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mommy and me

Beth Torah Suzy Fischer Early Childhood
is proud to offer two exciting, developmentally rich Mommy and Me Programs!

Why Choose Our Mommy and Me Programs?


Strengthen the Parent-Child Bond:
Create lasting memories as you and your baby explore, play, and learn side by side.

Foster Development:

Engage in activities that enhance your baby’s cognitive, sensory, and motor skills.

Ignite Musical Passion:
Introduce your little one to the world of music, rhythm, and melody in a joyful and interactive setting.

Build Community:
Connect with fellow parents and caregivers, forming friendships that extend beyond the classroom.

Trusted Expertise:
Our skilled instructors are dedicated to nurturing your baby’s growth and creating a safe, inclusive environment.

Join Us Today! Your Magical Mommy and Me Journey Awaits!


Musica and Me Summer

For children 6 – 18 months
Fridays 10:00- 11:00 am

The Música & Me bilingual Shabbat program is a delightful and engaging program designed to bring together families and their little ones for a joyful and interactive musical experience.

The program takes place in a warm and inviting setting, where families can come together to engage in song, rhythm, and movement. Led by Ms. Stephanie Romay, the session combines meaningful Jewish traditions with the power of music to create a memorable experience for families.

In addition to musical activities, the program includes storytelling and puppets. These interactive elements help foster cognitive, social, and emotional development in a fun and accessible way, allowing children to actively explore Jewish customs and traditions.

The Música & Me Shabbat Program aims to build a sense of community among participating families. It provides a platform for families to connect, share experiences, and form relationships with other parents who are on a similar journey of raising Jewish children.

Spaces for Musica & Me are limited, so don't miss this wonderful opportunity to bond, learn, and grow with your precious little one.

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