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Conversion Classes

"Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus is proud to host the Conversion Institute sponsored by the Rabbinical Assembly of America, which is the umbrella organization for Conservative Rabbis."

Edwin Farber - Rabbi Emeritus



Two sets of classes (18 sessions each) are scheduled each year, with one beginning in August and the other in January.

A class in Spanish is also available up request.

The classes explore the differences between Judaism and Christianity, the Jewish life cycle, the Jewish calendar, Jewish ritual, prayer, Jewish history, modern Israel, Jewish Ethics and the Holocaust. Students will also learn how to read Hebrew and many of the rituals of Jewish life. Classes meet on Wednesday nights.

The class is not a “conversion” class in the sense that the class itself does not convert the candidates. Conversion must be supervised by a sponsoring Rabbi, a member of the Rabbinical Assembly, who works directly with the conversion candidate to help him/her through the process.  If you do not have a sponsoring Rabbi, we will help you obtain one.

The chairperson of the Institute is Beth Torah Rabbi Emeritus, Rabbi Ed Farber, and Senior Rabbi Mario Rojzman is one of the classes’ teachers.

Conversions that are done through this Institute are accepted by all movements of Judaism outside of Orthodoxy and are recognized by the State of Israel.

For further information, contact Rabbi Ed Farber at: