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Live Streaming

Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus is pleased to provide live streaming video of our Friday Night and Saturday Morning Shabbat services, as well as other holiday services. If you are sick, out of town, or just unable to attend services, with the click of a button you can now watch our services live. On occasion, we may live stream speakers and other special programs and events.

Live Streaming From Perez Chapel:

Live Streaming From the Scheck Family Sanctuary:

Watch On-Demand

Any Shabbat or holiday service that is live streamed will now be available “on-demand” for one month after its conclusion. Simply look to the right and then select the service you’d like to watch (you can scroll down or search to find a specific event).

We cannot guarantee that there will not be technical difficulties or glitches with the live stream. There is no staff working on Shabbat or holidays to contact during a scheduled broadcast. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.