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A simple way to understand community leadership is to see it as leadership in, for, and by the community. In the case of this year’s EVENT honorees, leadership and community go hand in hand. Rochelle and Marshall Baltuch, Jeni Buchholz, and Warren Zinn are four extraordinary individuals who have given so much to our community, our lives, and to our Beth Torah community. They have each dedicated their lives to teaching, learning, giving Sedaka, and being role models to everyone around them. 

This year as with many other years, the common interest is Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus. Each of THE EVENT’s honorees has grown up at Beth Torah and has a deep commitment to the many values we all share. We are grateful to have enjoyed a spectacular evening together celebrating these well-deserved honorees as pillars of our community. 

We are thankful to our friends and sponsors who are always so generous with their spirit, and support. By standing with us, we remain and continue to be stronger together. We could not do it without you. 

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