The Young Family


Burton Young was born in Philadelphia, the fourth child of Morris & Clara Young.  The family began American Food Markets and went from massive wealth to poverty during the depression. As a pre-teen, they moved to Miami Beach to live with his grandparents in a hotel and opened a grocery store in Miami.  His mother joined the Army, and his brother was a paratrooper.

Burt was the only one in the family who graduated high school and went on to the University of Miami and UM Law School graduating in 1950.  It was then that his career began and soon thereafter, a family.  He was working in a law firm and met this girl from Bayonne, NJ, named Sheila, also working in the law firm.  One weekend they went out on a boat with another couple and the boat broke down and they ended up together.  As fate would have it, their paths crossed on many instances.  They fell in love, got married, moved into an apartment on Miami Beach and he began working in a law firm with offices at One Lincoln Road.  David was born while Sheila & Burt lived in a house in Coral Gables and then moved to NMB in 1957.  Franci was born ten years later.

It was then that Burt met Arthur Snyder and they opened a law firm together that would become one of the most prestigious firms in North Dade County.  There were only two law firms in the area, and Arthur Snyder was President of the synagogue that just hired Max Lipschitz from Madison, WI as their rabbi.   The Youngs joined the Jewish Center of Monticello Park in 1959 and became dear friends of the Lipschitz family for decades to follow.

Burt’s career was blossoming, and he pursued “equal justice” and became President of the North Dade Bar Association and in 1969 became President of the Florida Bar and the first Jewish lawyer to attain such a high position and the first lawyer who had graduated from UM to reach this height. Sheila had become active in both the PTA and Sisterhood at Beth Torah and served on many event committees.  Together they chaired many special events and Burt was appointed an Honorary Trustee, a position he still holds today. They loved to travel all over the world with Rabbi Max and Rhoda.  Sheila passed away ten years ago. May her memory always be for a blessing.

Rabbi Max learned that Burt had never become a Bar Mitzvah and at age 40 he became a Bar Mitzvah at Beth Torah with Rabbi Max.  Burt’s parents dedicated a Sefer Torah for the occasion which is still used in our synagogue today and Rabbi wrote a beautiful poem in honor of the special event.

David & Franci grew up in public school education, religious school and Bar & Bat Mitzvah at Beth Torah.  David went on to Tulane University and became the first Jewish President of the student body at Tulane. He worked closely with the President of the University and when the President announced that he was transferring to Penn, David was selected Acting President.  David pursued his law degree at UM Law School.  Franci also went to Tulane, graduated from UM and received her M.A. from Barry University.

David married Scott Bernstein, a Miami lawyer.  They live in Miami where they both serve as Dade County Circuit Court Judges.  Scott was President of the Florida Appellate Circuit Judges  and David is soon to become the President of Temple Beth Am in Miami.

Franci married Scott Leon and have two children, Jake at UM Law School and Madison, a student at Tulane. They reside in Hollywood.

Burton & Sheila Young have left their mark on the Miami Jewish Community and their children perpetuate this legacy.  Burt is so proud when the Young Family Torah is walked around Beth Torah on the High Holy Days and he treasures the memories of coming up on the bima for his honor on Yom Kippur. Sixty-two years of membership as a Generational Family. We salute you and the accomplishments you have made.


Each week one of our generational families will be recognized by our congregation blessed
by the rabbis at both the “virtual” Friday evening and Shabbat morning services.
Over 50 families have been identified with 50 + years of membership at Beth Torah and another
25 families as their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who are currently members of Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus.

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