The Phillips Family


Perry Phillips was born in Detroit, MI in 1929 where he grew up and went to Michigan State University. Berta Berezdivin, of blessed memory, was born and raised in Havana, Cuba, when she demanded to go to college in the U.S. and the rest is history.

Berta & Perry met at a Hillel card party at MSU. They were married in 1949 in Havana, and the family history unfolds. Berta’s father was the brother of Isak(Berta) Berezdivin and their children (first cousins) were part of their wedding party…Rosita Berezdivin Rok was a bridesmaid, Raquel Berezdivin Scheck was their flower girl and Manolo Berezdivin was ring bearer. It’s a small world!

They remained in Detroit where Perry was an Engineer. In 1958-59 they spoke about settling in Cuba, but because of the unrest there, they decided to move to Miami in 1960, settled in N. Miami Beach and joined Beth Torah Congregation in 1961. They had three children, Randall, Debbie & Andrea. Although Berta graduated with a degree in foreign language, she never pursued a career. Their daughter, Debbie was handicapped which became Berta’s “lifetime job”.

Randy & Andrea attended Beth Torah Religious School, became Bar & Bat Mitzvah and active in USY. Andrea attended the Hebrew Academy through High School and Randy graduated Norland. Both went on to the State of Michigan for college; Randy to U of Michigan where he received a law degree and Andrea went to MSU and then graduated from the University of Florida.
Debbie was an important part of their lives. Berta & Perry, along with others, formed the Association for the Advancement of the Mentally Handicapped where Perry served as President 1984-85. Through the organization they arranged for a job for Debbie at the Sheraton Bal Harbour Hotel, where she flourished and remained for 18 years.

Perry established Phillips Furniture in Hollywood in 1963 and retired in 1995. Berta was a member of Sisterhood and they were active in the Mr. & Mrs. Club. Perry served as President of Men’s Club 1979-1981 and on the Board of Directors for many years.

Golf was important in Perry’s life. Perry “Radar” Phillips as he was dubbed by the Club of Emerald Hills where he shot 2 hole-in-one in 15 days…#17 on 11/30/96 & #6 on 12/15/96. He shot another hole -in-one later on. He was President of the Hollywood Hills Optimist Club and is still involved with arbitration to keep busy.

The next generation has made them very proud. Berta, who passed away in 2010, was able to see Randy & Beverly (Kreichman) marry and have two sons, Jeremy, a scientist living in Oakland, CA, and Emily, an educator in Detroit. Andrea married Mark Silverman and have two sons, Matthew (28), a computer scientist in Ft. Lauderdale and Kevin (25) a chef in Chicago. Andrea & Mark own and operate Matthew’s Jewelry in Plantation.

We are proud to recognize the Berta, z”l, and Perry Phillips Family for 60 years of membership at Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus.

Each week one of our generational families will be recognized by our congregation blessed
by the rabbis at both the “virtual” Friday evening and Shabbat morning services.
Over 50 families have been identified with 50 + years of membership at Beth Torah and another
​​​​​​​25 families as their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who are currently members of Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus.


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