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Illuminate – Encore Performance

The 80th Anniversary Musical Event Honoring our Trustees

Because of the overwhelming responses and accolades,  we have been asked to reshow Illuminate.

We are very grateful to our Honorary Trustees who are a treasured part of our Congregation; some for as long as 60+ years.  These individuals have held leadership positions and have provided extraordinary generosity as our synagogue grew over the decades. 

To enhance “ILLUMINATE”: our 80th Anniversary Musical Event honoring our Trustees, “candles” will illuminate the homes of all participants.  The flame will continue to shine bright in our lives as we sing Hatikvah and share the hope and prayers for a healthy future together and carry forward the Beth Torah tradition in our newly renovated sanctuary for 5782. 

Special thanks to Rabbi Mario Rojzman, Rabbi Ed Farber, Cantor Gaston Bogomolni, Evelyn Goldfinger, former cantors, soloists, children’s choirs, youth choirs, adult choirs of the past and our ECA, Religious School, J2M and USY of the present for putting this memorable program together for everyone to enjoy.